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Every marriage is different, so the end of each marriage will also be a unique process. Spouses have a variety of issues that may or may not arise in a divorce, depending on their specific circumstances. Also contributing to the nature of a divorce is the emotional state of the relationship.

Some people divorce relatively quickly and affordably, while others face a long, drawn-out, stressful, and costly process. At the Law Office of Luz D. Nieto, our goal is to identify the best possible method to reach a resolution in a divorce case and to obtain a final judgment as efficiently and effectively as possible. The following are only some types of divorce cases I regularly handle - contact me directly to discuss options for your case.

Traditional Divorce

Each divorce case will require spouses to resolve all relevant legal issues before a judge will dissolve the marriage. Some of these issues include:

The goal of many divorcing spouses is to agree to the terms of the divorce judgment out of court, on their own terms. If spouses cannot agree, the court will need to hear the arguments of both sides at trial and make the necessary determinations. This litigation is often thought of as “traditional divorce,” and it can be costly, time-consuming, and emotionally daunting for both parties.

Uncontested Divorce

Also called informal or simplified divorce, an uncontested divorce is a faster, less expensive way to obtain a dissolution of marriage in Florida. This is a simpler process you can pursue if the following are true:

You still want to seek help from a Palm Beach County divorce attorney for a simplified divorce, however, as complications can arise.


If you are your spouse cannot agree on certain issues but want to avoid traditional litigation, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that can help. Mediation sessions allow spouses to discuss their views and how they want issues resolved and, with the help of a neutral third-party mediator, hopefully reach a mutual agreement regarding unresolved matters. This can help keep a case out of court and keep control in your own hands.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a special process that spouses can agree to in order to avoid litigation. Florida passed the Collaborative Law Process Act (CLPA) that allows spouses to pursue this resolution method for their divorce cases, as well as other family law matters. The benefits of this process, includes but is not limited to:

Both spouses and their attorneys must agree to work together collaboratively, and agree not to bring the matter to court, in order to pursue this route for divorce.

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