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Helping Clients with Complex Multinational Family Law Matters

Family law cases are complicated enough when all parties involved are living in the United States. However, matters often become significantly more difficult when they span multiple countries. For example, it is not unusual for a U.S. citizen to marry a Colombian citizen, have children together, purchase property in both Florida and Colombia, and own business interests in both countries. What happens when that couple seeks a divorce?

If you are facing any type of international family law matter, it is critical that you have the assistance and counsel of an international family lawyer. The Law Office of Luz D. Nieto represents clients in international cases and can arrange direct assistance for clients in countries like Colombia. Contact the office for more information about how I can help in your specific situation.

Common International Family Law Cases

Relationships that cross international borders can lead to many types of legal issues. First, if you want a divorce and you live in a different country than your spouse, you need to determine the best method of filing for divorce. Is your marriage recognized in both countries? Do you have to file for divorce in the United States or elsewhere? You want to ensure you have the right international attorney leading you through the proper process. Attorney Luz Nieto can handle the following and more:

Many international family law issues involve children whose parents live in separate countries. My office represents children and their parents in international custody and child support cases, which can involve many types of concerns. I have experience with the following matters, among others:

The above cases can involve many complex international laws aimed at keeping children safe. We have extensive knowledge and experience with:

These are complex laws, and my network strives to uphold the rights of parents and children under the law.

Contact a Boca Raton International Family Lawyer for Help Right Away

At the Law Office of Luz D. Nieto, we know that families are complicated and that they can reach into multiple countries. We have access to trusted attorneys in Colombia, and the office regularly assists families facing legal conflicts that have ties in both Florida and Colombia. Whether your case involves a divorce, child relocation and custody, child support, or any other issue, do not hesitate to call today.

The firm directly represents clients in Boca Raton and throughout Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami-Dade County. If you need assistance with an international family law case, call 561-807-7663 or contact us online for help today.